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Wireless / Low-Cost / Cold-Chain

  Data logger XH10 is a state-of-the-art product from Brainchild Electronic. It measures the temperature of the environment in which it is situated. Datalogger XH10 can capture and store temperature as well as both temperature and humidity simultaneously. It supports both PDF and EXCEL report formats. In addition, XH10 offers full-scale alarm monitoring features. Data can be stored either locally at the device or remotely via Wi-Fi to a cloud-based solution.

Application: Temperature mapping, Logistic, Freezer.

PID Control / Auto-tuning / Ramp and Soak Profile

   The various types of temperature controllers ( Temp regulators) are PID controllers, safety limit controllers, ramp soak controllers, board type controllers, analog controllers and piping controllers. The Fuzzy Logic technology incorporated on this series controller enables a process to reach the predetermined set point in the shortest time with the minimum of overshoot during Startup (PowerON) or external load disturbances.

Application: Emulsifier machine, Fermentation equipment, autoclave, Oil refinery, Thermostatic water bath, Oven, Thermal shock tester...etc.

AMS2750F / FDA 21 / DAQ software

    PR series can be used as a data logger or data acquisition device to address most industrial data acquisition requirements. Three models which includes a low-cost PR10, a popular PR20 and a high-end PR30. PR series can accept up to 48 channels of universal analog inputs and 96 channels of external channels via Modbus communication. PR series offers various display options, faster sampling and logging rate at 100 msec., Math channels, Totalizers, external channels, batch, custom display, FDA 21 CFR part 11, handwriting messages, direct printer connectivity, SD slot, 2 USBs, pulse input, field calibration, Web Server, Alarms by email, 19 languages, IP65 protection and PID control option with profile function.

Application: Temperature mapping, Freezer, Warehousing, Pure water system, Oil refinery, Oven, Thermal shock tester.

IP66 / WinCE platform / High resolution

    BrainChild SmartPanel series is Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Operator Interface with WinCE 6.0 operating system along with editing software Panel Studio which has lots of PLC drivers on it. The HMI panels have different interfaces which are Ethernet, 2 Serial Ports, USB host port, SD Card slot, Audio input/output. There are optional Profibus-DP, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, CANopen & CC-Link field bus network connections available. IP66K Stainless Steel enclosure is available for 7” & 15” panels for Food and Pharmaceutical industries requirements. BrainChild HMI Panels can also be used for OEM applications like SCADA with WinCE 6.0 Operating System.

Ethernet / Wireless / Serial / USB converters

    BrainChild offers converter products for different protocol conversions. They are Ethernet to wireless converter SW5502, Ethernet converter PC-E, RS-485 to RS-232 converter SNA-10A, and USB to RS232/RS485/RS422 converter Uport 1150. These networking devices are used for industrial environments.

Modbus Remote IO
Modbus / Digital / Analog

    BrainChild IO series IO module is RS485 Modbus RTU remote IO module which provides a simple solution for distributed I/O requirements. The IO system offers various types of Analog & Digital IO options for the user to select. All IO modules are designed as DIN rail mounts. The modules are equipped with status LED for power, communication and IO status of Digital IO for easy diagnosis.


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